Brief Overview


We are a niche environmental consultancy providing versatile, high quality services for projects where air quality needs attention due to operational or regulatory challenges.


We are known for our technical experience in all aspects of air quality, odour and dust assessment and management, including strategic and technical abatement advice, and innovative solutions.


We are committed to providing you with independent, scientifically robust and practical support, working with you throughout all stages of your project to ensure its success.

Our Services

Core Services

Our core air quality, dust and odour services:

  • assessments and approvals
  • management plans and implementation
  • emission estimation
  • dispersion modelling
  • site investigations and monitoring
  • abatement strategies and solutions
  • data analytics


ETA consults to:

  • Government
  • Mining and resource companies
  • Oil and gas Industries
  • Land developers
  • Planners and engineers
  • Lawyers

What do we provide you?


We work closely with all our clients to understand their business drivers and to deliver the best possible project outcomes, including the most cost effective abatement strategies for implementation.


We strive to bring clear, concise and innovative thinking that generates practical and effective project solutions.


You will always know who is working on your project and you will always have direct communication with them.



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Our Team

Additional skill sets

Our personnel are highly experienced in a range of additional areas including:

  • Policy
  • Management Plans
  • Project Management
  • Assessments and approvals
  • NPI and NGERS reporting
  • Environmental and compliance reporting
  • Climate change

Partners companies

To assist our clients we have also teamed up with other niche consultancies to increase our capabilities into:

  • Contaminated site assessments
  • Heritage surveys
  • Fauna and flora surveys
  • Communication
  • Invertebrate bio-monitoring
  • Auditing

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