Personnel from Environmental Technologies & Analytics have successfully completed dispersion modelling at locations around the world. From the fjords of Greenland to the savannas of Africa, from the jungles of South America to the deserts of Australia we have undertaken emission estimation and dispersion modelling studies for everything from major gas processing facilities, mining and port operations to poultry sheds. Our personnel are experienced users of a range of models including:

  • TAPM
  • Weather Research & Forecast (WRF)
  • WaSP



We have designed, and installed, ambient monitoring networks at numerous locations within Australia and overseas. We were among the first in Australia to install low cost gas sensors which resulted in significant savings to our client. We have designed innovative monitoring systems that include monitoring, communications and a web based application that allows for real time presentation, analysis and secure storage of your data.
Some of the parameters that we can monitor for include:

  • Meteorological stations (all parameters)
  • Particulates (TSP, PM10, PM2.5)
  • Oxides of Sulfur (SO2)
  • Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx, NO2)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Pollution Abatement

One of our core specialties! Our personnel have undertaken pollution abatement studies at sites across the world and have been instrumental in some of the major dust abatement strategies implemented at ports within Australia. Our services include:

  • Audits and investigations
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Field trials and implementation



Data analytics

Data - something that everyone collects and never uses. Our personnel are adept at undertaking statistical analysis of all your environmental data to determine trends, issues and source identification.
Some of the fields in which we can undertake analysis include:

  • Boundary monitoring analysis
  • Analysis of regulatory monitoring data
  • Meteorological data
  • Source identification